Drink What You Like. Know What You’re Drinking.

If you’re visiting this page, I imagine it is because you saw a picture comparing the 2022 Dial Tone Pinot Noir (which I make) with the 2022 Meomi Pinot Noir. Tested at ETSLabs, one of the world’s leading, independent, and accredited laboratories, the 2022 Dial Tone Pinot Noir was found to contain 0.6 grams per liter of residual sugar while the Meomi Pinot Noir had 19.4 grams per liter of residual sugar. 32 bottles of Dial Tone contain less residual sugar than 1 bottle of Meomi.

My goal is not to “yuck” your “yum.” If you like sweet Pinot Noir, then you should drink it. But you should also know what you are drinking. On retail shelves and in wine publications, wines like Meomi are routinely co-mingled with wines like Dial Tone. Mixing these two together is akin to serving a sweet hamburger alongside traditional hamburgers on a menu without telling anyone that there is a difference.

As we are all considering more closely what we are putting into our bodies, I believe it is important that you have the knowledge and opportunity to choose what you are drinking. Drink what you like. Know what you’re drinking.