“A Smoking Value”

— Jeb Dunnuck

2 of Wine Spectators Top 12 Under $40 2021 California Pinot Noirs

Dial Tone Pinot Noir

Dial Tone comes from three vineyards in Santa Barbara County – one in the Santa Maria Valley and two in the Sta. Rita Hills. The Santa Maria vineyard provide the wine’s ample red fruit flavors while the two Sta. Rita Hills lend some darker notes and provide the wine’s structure. The combination is…well…outstanding, as you can see from all the reviews.

“Dial Tone?

Do you remember what a dial tone sounded like? It was the sound of possibilities. A dial tone was the beginning of you asking that girl out on a date. It was the start of you catching up with your daughter who was away at college for the first time. A dial tone was what you first heard when you called your parents and told them you were engaged.

When you heard that hum you knew you were about to be brought together with someone. This wine is like that. Dial Tone Pinot Noir is meant to bring people together. Open a bottle on that date, share a glass with your daughter when she comes home from college, and drink it while celebrating your life with someone.

Possibilities. They all start with a Dial Tone.

Busy Signal Pinot Noir

Busy Signal originates just from the two Sta. Rita Hills vineyards mentioned above. These vineyards are remarkably varied with some incredibly steep and windy sections. We take the fruit from the vines on these sections and produce the Busy Signal Pinot Noir. Busy Signal is a deeper, darker wine, with great concentration and more brooding characteristics. It’s a wine that calls for heartier dishes. It’s something special.

“Busy Signal?


Do you remember that noise?

That was the sound you heard when you called someone and they were busy with something else and couldn’t take your call. These days we seem to always take someone’s call or respond to their text or reply to their IG story.

This wine is designed to take you away from all that…back to a simpler time when one thing commanded your attention. It’s a show stopping wine that tell you to put down your phone, ignore the outside world, and concentrate on what’s in the glass in front of you.

It’s your busy signal. Activate it by pulling the cork. The world can wait.”