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“I’m not a businessman.
I’m a business, man.”

That’s always been one of my favorite Jay-Z quotes, but I never thought it would apply to me. But here I am with a website all about…well…my business. So, perhaps now Jay-Z’s quote is my quote.

Except that it is so much more.

I’ve spent almost forty years of my life falling in love with Pinot Noir. From the first bottle of red wine that I ever cared for (the 1984 Rochioli Pinot Noir) to the first wine I ever made (1994 Siduri Rose Vineyard Pinot Noir) to, someday, the last wine I will make (no vintage yet, thankfully), Pinot Noir has been my raison d’être.

I’m honored and humbled that others have let me work with their grapes and make their wine. Some have even (gasp) trusted me to make something other than Pinot Noir for them. These clients are far more than that; they are my friends. I share their wines here with you because I stand behind each bottle that they produce and believe not only in the wines but in them also. Most of all, thank you for supporting what I do. Making wine is a dream that I never imagined. Please look around and see what that looks like for me. I’m excited that you are a part of it all.

— Adam H Lee