Clarice Wine Company was named after my grandmother, Clarice Phears.

Clarice was born in Giddings, Texas in 1896. Clarice taught me to cook in a crockpot, in much the same way she cooked for my grandfather, Pleasant Phears, in a large pot. She would combine the meat, the potatoes, the vegetables, the broth, and the seasonings – cooking them slowly over time. Had she added spices at the end they would have stood out, but by marrying them over a long period the flavors would meld together.

I use that same technique in producing the Clarice Pinot Noirs –  combining differing sections of a vineyard in a tank shortly after harvest and letting them ferment together so as to produce a seamless wine.  

Clarice Pinot Noirs are produced to improve with age. Moderate alcohol levels and a structure stemming from (joke intended) the use of a high percentage of whole clusters in the fermentations leads to wines that will benefit from a vigorous decanting or some time in a cool cellar.

Clarice Pinot Noirs have been the beneficiary of slew of remarkable press and ratings from various wine critics, including being named the Best New World Pinot Noir by Robb Report. If you’d like to know more about these wines, discover the ways you can become part of the Clarice Community, or order some wine, please follow the link below to the Clarice Wine Company page.