Beau Marchais was my joint venture with the great French vintner, Philippe Cambie.

Known as the “King of Grenache,” Philippe produced truly remarkable wines primarily from the Southern Rhone region but also from many other regions around the world. At dinner at his home in 2018, Philippe told me that he had “always dreamed of producing Pinot Noir.” From that single statement a partnership was born, and Philippe and I were able to produce three vintages of remarkable and unique wines from two of California’s finest vineyards. Tragically, Philippe passed away in December of 2021, and I subsequently closed down the winery once all the wine sold out. You can read a bit more about our adventures here:

Beau Marchais Clos Pepe: The Untold Story from Beginning to End

And about Philippe here:
Philippe Cambie, Dynamic Winemaking Consultant, Dies at 59 (